FIBandCO's background, creator of Green Blade, top-of-the-range decorative vegetable fibre veneer from banana plant trunks.

Green Blade, top of the range decorative veneer

Established in Martinique, FIBandCO gives a second life to banana plant trunks. Using an innovative technology and an eco-responsible process, they produce a 100% natural veneer: Green Blade.

The idea behind the Green Blade launch was to valorize an unexploited, rapidly renewable resource and to propose veneer solutions that do not contribute to deforestation, all of this without compromising aesthetic.

Today, FIBandCO's products are acclaimed by architects, designers, furniture manufacturers, cabinet makers, and all those looking for a new architectural material that knows no compromise: Green Blade is aesthetic, unique and sustainable.

FIBandCO is commited to sustainable development:

  • Their transformation process of the trunks does not require the use of any chemical components and FIBandCO produce the energy they consume thanks to solar panels.
  • Their factory located in the heart of the banana plantations, makes it possible to optimise their logistics and to limit their carbon footprint.
  • Established in Martinique, an island which is an integral part of France, the company respects working conditions that meet European standards.

FIBandCO offers a unique eco-responsible, 100% natural product.

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