Green Blade, the top-of-the-range, decorative vegetable fibre veneer from banana plant trunks.


What is Green Blade?

  • Green Blade is a new exotic veneer made from banana plant trunks.
  • Green Blade is a clean alternative to wood that comes in sheets of 1250 mm x 2500 mm.

Why use the banana plant trunk?

  • To create a new beautiful ‘species’ for the design world.
  • Because it is a giant grass and not a tree – less deforestation. Banana plants are rapidly renewable, they grow to full size every 9 months.

How is Green Blade made?

  • Before, once the bananas had been harvested the mother trunk decomposed. Now, once the plant has given its fruit, the banana trunks are hand harvested and bought from the banana farmers to make Green Blade.
  • No water or glue is used in the manufacturing of Green Blade.
  • The FIBandCO factory produces all of the electricity it consumes via photovoltaic panels for the manufacturing of Green Blade.

Created for architects and designers, Green Blade enhances your creations and allows you to make a difference. Exclusive, elegant, and sustainable, Green Blade embodies all three.